Concrete Road Design a Special Urban Solution

Paper by VALVERDE MIRANDA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Theme: in 1994 a rigid pavement solution was implemented on the underpass of the National Road n° 107 crossing the National Road nu 12, in the ambit of the remodelling project of the concerning cross-road roundabout, situated in the periphery of the city of Porto, involving only one extension of 600 m and 20 lanes; technically and financially this solution is justified within the level of the project, considering the precarious conditions of foundation and the high level of traffic (about 40.000 vehicles, daily, whom 7.000 are heavy vehicles). There are some curious aspects in this case (resistances that had to be defeated, constructive problems, etc.,) that deserve to be divulged and some conclusions to extract, chiefly that the small dimension of a construction can not prevent the use of the "Concrete Road " solution.

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