Concrete Pavements in the Province of Almeria the Experience of the Diputación De Almería

Paper by SÁEZ SERRANO from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

The Diputación de Almería has approved biannual plans to improve agricultural and rural tracks and roads in the region, which are financed by, in addition to the Diputación de Almería, also by the European Union, the Junta de Andalucía and the municipalities in the zone. Improving these trails in general implies keeping their current route and cross section, and only repave them. The type of the pavement must be considered and selected taking in account many factors like the existing sub-grade, the orography, the current traffic and the kind of vehicles using the track. The special situation and use of these roads and paths also and the special (and heavy) vehicles imply the construction of a lot of concrete solutions in pavements. They will be presented in this paper.

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