Concrete pavements for local government – ASCP Forum Sydney Mar, 2016

Concrete pavements for local government - ASCP Forum Sydney Mar, 2016

About this Forum
Local Government in Sydney was constructing
concrete roads and streets years before the
Department of Main Roads (now Roads and
Maritime Services). Most were in the eastern,
inner western and lower northern suburbs. Many
of those pavements are still in use today.
These days, Local Government may construct
concrete streets, roundabouts, intersections,
cul-de-sacs, cycleways, footpaths, parking
areas, driveways, bus bays, box culvert bases,
etc. All are pavements to carry some form of
traffic. Many are constructed by fixed-form
methods, some by slipforming. All require good
design and quality construction.
In this, our first Sydney Forum for 2016, topics that
contribute to the successful construction of
concrete pavements will be presented. Prior to
anything going on the ground, proper preparation
is required. The making and delivering of good
concrete will be discussed, including guidelines
for how slump may be adjusted if required.
Elements of a pavement, such as joints, dowels
and tiebars, will be considered. The importance
of adequate compaction of concrete will be
addressed, as will the techniques required for
placing by fixed forms and slipform, finishing,
curing and jointing the pavement, all with the
aim of achieving quality in the finished product.
Resource materials available to assist
practitioners with design and construction
aspects of pavements will be advised.
On the day, a length of concrete path will be
constructed by slipforming. There will be the
opportunity to view the placing process, and then
the jointing of the path later that day.
ASCP thanks J K Williams and Boral for their
sponsorship of this event.

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