Concrete Pavement on Bicycle Trails

Paper by SKODA from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

On the beginning of third millennium we, in the Czech Republic, can also notice a big construction boom in the area of bicycle roads and trails. The rehabilitation of existing roads, temporary solutions (e.g. traffic sign placement) overweight the others. Other systematic approaches are also built and they bring a lot of interesting technical solutions. What is an actual development in the Czech Republic? If we compare the Czech Republic with developed European countries, we are certainly not on a leading position. The purpose of bicycle trails is to provide a safe traffic for cyclists and pedestrians outside the busy roads. Other use can be found in other sport and touristic activities. In the landscape it brings tourists to attractive locations and places. Bicycle trail means, like any other building, intervention in the landscape. Therefore, the local conditions must be obeyed. The bicycle trail is within the transport infrastructure an ecological solution. However, there is not only solution how to design bicycle trails. The main criterion of different technical solutions is the surface of bicycle trail, because in use of existing paths, these can differ from dirty roads to second or third class roads. Gravel surface, asphalt and concrete pavements and concrete paving are mostly met during the new trails design.

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