Concrete Pavement of the Access Ramp Bridge of the Peza Truck Holding Area of the Bale-Weil Customs Facility, Switzerland

Paper by MONTICELLI FAEH from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

This document describes the design and construction of the concrete pavement for the relatively steep access ramp bridge of the PEZA truck holding area of the Bale-Weil customs facility. The pavement design takes into account the expected change in usage after 2008 as a motorway offramp and harbour access route. The pavement has been designed to withstand severe truck loading without deformation or damage. The expected long-term durability is particularly pertinent, as pavement refurbishment would require closure of the single-lane structure. Furthermore, lower life-cycle costs than with conventional bituminous pavements can thereby be achieved. The concrete pavement is reinforced with steel fibres and bonding to the concrete of the bridge structure is ensured. This represents a unique application of concrete pavements in Switzerland.

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