Concrete Pavement in the Streets of Access to Paranaguá Port in the South of Brazil Portside Area Revitalization

Paper by GIUBLIN TONCOVITCH CASTELLANO from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

The objective of the concrete pavement construction design of the main access streets to all Paranagua Port Terminals was to improve the traffic of trucks which transport goods being imported into and exported out of Brazil. Concrete pavement was the final engineering design chosen for this job due to the heavy load and high traffic of trucks which run on these streets. This paper shows the pavement revitalization of the nine main access streets to Paranagua Port, with a total extension of 16.467 km and an area of 213,781.60 m². This concrete pavement was executed by a Slipform Paver. Also, sidewalks and bicycles lanes were constructed along the recuperated streets. The target herein is to present the solutions shown in the design for the revitalization of the portside area; to show the Slipform Paver working in urban streets; to present the characteristics of the materials and concrete which were used and also the obtained results in the works technological control; and to analyze the final quality obtained in the concrete pavement and all the revitalized area.

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