Concrete Accessways In Nsw Housing Commision Residential Developments (June 1977)

CCA Road Note 03 by Cement and Concrete Association

The Housing Commission of New South Wales has developed engineering designs and standards for urban subdivision over a period of more than 30 years. The Commission has developed practical and economical road designs as a result of this experience. The larger-scale subdivisions include several types of roads, ranging from quite heavily trafficked through roads, to accessways carrying only the traffic generated by a small number of dwellings. Ownership of these accessways remains permanently with the Commission which is therefore vitally interested in minimizing future maintenance liability . For several years now, concrete has been used for many of these accessways, the design of which is novel by world standards. The Commission has been highly innovative in adopting relatively thin, 100 mm thick, lightly reinforced concrete for these lightly trafficked pavements. In general , accessways are not "through roads", their length and width beinp dependent upon the number of dwelling units served. The various types of head Shape have been planned to permit ease of vehicular movement including that of garbage collection units.

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