Computation of Self-Locking Concrete Block Pavements with Finite Element Analysis

Paper by CRISMAN MASOLI ROBERTI from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The examined computation procedure for self-locking concrete block pavements is based on the ordinary methods adopted for the computation of flexible and semi-rigid pavements. These methods consider a stress and silaiti distiibutiou uiidei design loads. The analysis considers both the classic, elastic multilayer model, and an axisymmetric, finite element model with a linear elastic behaviour for the base and the sub-base materials. The following two models have been adopted and compared to characterise the block and sand bedding discontinuous layer: The classic model with springs, and an innovative, not linear one obtained by defining contact surfaces. A parametric analysis of the different types of vertical, horizontal, static loads, and different types of bound material, bases and sub-bases has been carried out, assessing, for each combination, the deformations and stresses at the various layers. Computation results have then been compared with the elastic multilayer ones. Moreover, it has been possible to obtain a procedure for the definition of a block and sand bedding equivalent modulus.

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