Comparative Investigation on Concrete Pavement Thickness Using Industrial Waste Chips, Steel Fiber and Silica Fume

Paper by HASSANI ARJMANDI from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Application of steel fiber in concrete would increase modul of rapture (MR) and module of elasticity (E), which in turn decrease slab thickness in rigid pavements. Hence, damaging stresses due to thermal and moisture is reduced. Where as concrete mixes with Silica Fume (SF) would perform the same behavior with better durability but lower ductility. In this paper the effects and application of steel industrial waste chips for rigid pavement when added to concrete mixes having SF to over come the ductility problem normally exist in high strength concrete is investigated. The test results for six different mixtures (conventional concrete, concrete with 10% SF, concrete with 0.5% fiber, concrete with fiber and SF, concrete with different % of industrial chips and SF are compared.

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