Combined Reinforcing – The Right Solution for Container Parks and Other Heavy Duty Pavements

Paper and Presentation by Craig Roberts from ASCP 5th Concrete Pavements Conference 2019

Combined Reinforcing is fast becoming recognised and proven as the right solution for Container Parks and other Heavy Duty Pavements. In these sorts of pavements the first areas that are prone to breaking down or requiring maintenance under the very high loads that are being applied are often the joints and saw-cuts, so introducing a combination of steel fibres and reinforcing mesh can eliminate the need for them. Why both? It is very difficult to achieve a long lasting durable concrete pavement in an economical solution when only using one type of reinforcing, by using a high performance steel fibre and conventional reinforcing steel we can utilise the benefits of both to achieve that desired solution economically. This paper talks a little about the design methodology behind the combined reinforcing solution, the applications and benefits of it, and will showcase a number of local projects constructed over the past few years.

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