Cettons II Business Park Birth of a Multi-Innovative Eco-Friendly Park Around An Integrated Milled-Aggregate Concrete Roadway

Paper by FIGEAC BATISTA from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

The Ecoparc des Cettons is a sustainable business park. Designed to favour regional economic development and to boost employment in a loop of the Seine River 25 kilometres from Paris, authorities deliberately opted for an innovative approach complying with the environment including mainly: - the use of alternative techniques for rainwater and public lighting design, - landscaping open to surroundings and the construction of sustainable buildings. Besides the overall goals, the paper shows the cross benefits of: - Vibrated pavement concrete (short, non-dowelled slabs) with mix design using 40% asphalt millings, validated technically by basic studies and applications carried out by French transport research laboratories (LCPC) during the past 5 years with the active help of the cement industry and the pavement contractors community. - The relationship between the pavement and illumination developed to optimise the use of public lighting power, drawing inspiration from the recent work and proposals of a "Pavements & Lighting" group. With regard to concrete in its different forms, a complete range of aspects is thus considered to illustrate fully the sustainable development possibilities (recycling, light, water, integration, etc.) offered by this king of multi-innovation roadway that will call for a related follow-up plan, also of a multidisciplinary nature.

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