Cement Containing Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Local Roads Building

Paper by DEJA MA?OLEPSZY GIERGICZNY from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

The number of roads with concrete surface in Poland is small. During the last few years the cement industry has taken up extensive promoting activities that resulted in increased interest in construction of concrete roads – both motorways as well as local roads. It has turned out that durability of the concrete road surface is frequently a predominant factor for a decision on selection of the kind of surface, and an investor more and more often takes into consideration the real cost of road maintenance when choosing the type of surface. This paper presents the possibility of using cements containing granulated blast furnace slag (slag Portland cement CEM II/B-S 32.5R and slag cement CEM III/A 32.5N) for constructing the local roads. Using this kind of binders we will obtain the concrete having very good application properties: very well mixing concrete mass, extended concrete binding time (a crucial factor during the field work), suitable strength level and increased resistance to corrosive impact of the environment. Laying the concrete surface made of the blast furnace slag cement, a particular attention should be paid to relevant concrete designing and preparation (air entrainment of concrete), proper installation and proper curing. The test results that are presented in this paper were obtained in laboratory conditions and during construction of a local road section.

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