Brisbane City Council Process Approach To Insitu Cement Stabilisation As A Rehabilitation Method For Failed Pavements (Aug 1990)

CCA Road Note 31 by Cement and Concrete Association

The Brisbane City Council is responsible for maintaining approximately 5000 km of road. A Pavement Management System was developed in 1977 to formulate policy on the effective funding for the maintenance and rehabilitation of road pavements. Through this system all streets are visually assessed and classified with regard to surface condition. Streets with failed areas exceeding 20% or exhibiting excessive deflection are selected for reconstruction. Brisbane City Council carried out its first trial sections in 1967 using cement stabilisation on pavement containing decomposed granite materials. It was not until 1982 that substantial programs of stabilisation were implemented. Since that time one million square metres or 116 km of streets have been stabilised. Present operations use purpose-built hired plant for spreading and mixing and Council's resources for other components of the work.

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