Blacktowns Luxford Road Shows Concrete Roads Can Have Lower Initial Cost (Sep 1980)

CCA Road Note 11 by Cement and Concrete Association

The City of Blacktown, located approximately 40 km west of Sydney, has experienced a massive expansion of industrial, commercial and residential development over the last two decades and continues to be one of the maior growth centres in the Sydney region. Luxtord Road, a major collector road with a four lane divided carriageway, passes through a number of residential neighbourhoods. Like many roads which have experienced the effects of this development, this pavement is now being subjected to traffic volumes and loads many times greater than originally envisaged. In a project jointly funded by Blacktown City Council and the Housing Commission of NSW many sections of Luxford Road have been programmed for reconstruction, the first stage is nearing completion. The condition of the existing subgrade and pavement, current traffic volumes, and the level restraints imposed in fully developed urban areas, resulted in Blacktown City Council selecting a concrete pavement. This proved to give a significant saving on a first cost basis.

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