Belgian Applications of Concrete Inlays on Motorways

Paper by JASIENSKI DEBROUX FUCHS LEJEUNE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Today all highways and road managers are confronted with the problem of the rutting of dense asphaltic concrete roads due to the steady traffic increase of heavy vehicles. Consequently, the lifetime of the low speed right lane decreases much faster than the lifetime of the left lane, which is merely used by light vehicles with a considerably lower action on the road structures. Therefore, to reinforce the low speed lanes, specific solutions have to be found that are economically bearable. Several solutions were considered for maintenance. The final choice has fallen on a cement concrete INLAY. This paper describes the design studies that were made and that have affected the different choices of structures. Otherwise, it describes the realisation of the different sites with their very severe deadlines and summarises the concrete compositions that were chosen and all results that were obtained.

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