Bearing Capacity of Concrete Roads

Paper by GROßMANN ROO from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

The pavement management of concrete roads in Ge rmany is essentially based on surface-referred status datas. Suitable measuring techniques are available for the data aquisition. Approved and practicable methods apply for their evaluation. However there are no appropriate procedures and concepts for the structural substance evaluation regarding the prognosis of the future performance of certain constructions of concrete roads or for strategic maintenance considerations in the context of a Pavement Management System (PMS). Though suitable measuring systems are available for the observation of the structural condition. These systems supply plausible and resuming - partially prognostic - information on the status of these constructions when used in combination. Approved systems are fast-driving profile -roughness measuring systems with laser sensors regarding the development of the longitudinal evenness and the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) for the determination of structural conditions. An important and fundamental aspect is the evaluation of the bearing capacity. Valuation criteria are suggested on the basis of extensive FWD measurements of concrete roads of different age and structure, which are derived from the uniformity and the alteration in the course of the service life. These criteria's can be assigned to systematic of a PMS, enable evaluations for the inspection as well as the period of warranty and can apply for damage analysis.

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