Backcalculation Analysis of Concrete Pavements Using Fuzzy Logic Approach

Paper by SALTAN TERZI from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

It is known that concrete and flexible pavements are similar each other from the structural view point. Nowadays, especially, because of the innovations in airplane technology, airplane weights have been increased. Therefore airport maintenance has become more important. It is possible to obtain information about structural performance of a pavement using the deflection measurements. Today, the modern methods, such as fuzzy logic, can be used for evaluation the pavement bearing capacity. Other evaluation procedures such as the finite element model are time consuming, especially the preparation of input data file. The elastic modulus value of each layer in concrete pavements is one of the more important parameter to determine the remaining life of a pavement. The work reported here includes the evaluation of the structural capacity of the concrete pavements using deflection data obtained from the forward calculation process. A database for the deflection bowl were prepared by running KENSLABS program. After that fuzzy logic algorithm was used to backcalculated elastic modulus of the concrete layer. Performance of the model will then compare with the database.

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