Australia’s Largest Concrete Recycling Project

Presentation by Leighton Rennie from ASCP 5th Concrete Pavements

▪M1 Motorway Widening -Tuggerah to Doyalson12km widening from 2 to 3 lanes in each direction80,000m3of PCP base and LMC subbaseRecycled and reused onsite as select and vergeMaintain traffic flows of over 70,000 vehicles per dayAmongst the first major asset renewal projects▪ 12km length of the M1 Motorway between the Tuggerah and Doyalson interchanges▪Tendered with concrete crushed away from the formation and reused as either R73 Material To Be Bound or R44 Select and Verge▪Construct only contract awarded to CPB Contractors Pty Limited▪Alternate tender was successful with reuse in R44 Select Material Zone and Verge using an inline processing which reduces haulage and traffic disruption

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