ASCP2021 6th Concrete Pavements (e)Conference – Program & Summary

Papers, presentations and recordings


2020 tested our flexural capacity and at times strained our mental tensile strength to 85% yield. To maintain tradition, ASCP has worked hard to develop a unique line-up of papers and delivery format for its 6th Concrete Pavements Conference which was delivered in August 2021. Like previous biennial conferences, this conference traversed a range of concrete pavement themes as well as featured keynotes from respected international guests and one home grown colleagues. Flyer.


  • Day 1
    • Pavement Economic, Life Cycle Assessment & Competition Studies at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub JAMES W. MACK – Paper & Presentation
    • Evaluation of Long-Life Rigid Pavements in Michigan NEERAJ BUCH – Paper & Presentation
    • Review of the Erosion Criteria for Bound Subbases in the Australian Rigid Pavement Design Procedure IAN VAN WIJK – Paper & Presentation
    • The First Concrete Freeway in South Africa ANNA-CARIN BRINK – Paper & Presentation
    • Enhanced Performance of Concrete with use of Carbon Nanotube Enriched Liquid Additive  TASHA EAGLE – Paper & Presentation
    • WC2G Recycled Crushed Glass Project ANDREW TINDAL – Paper & Presentation
  • Day 2
    • Effect of Controlled Vibration Dynamics on Concrete Mixtures PETER TAYLOR – Paper & Presentation
    • Comparison of PCC Elastic Modulus for Rigid Pavements – Laboratory versus Field DR SYED HAIDER – Paper & Presentation
    • CSA Cement for Concrete Road Slab Replacements – A Review of International Practise and Literature JAMES WALKER – Paper & Presentation
    • Grated Drain by the Slipform Method MARC BOERE – Paper & Presentation
  • Day 3
    • Concrete Overlays – Lessons Learned from Research and Performance Evaluations in the US TOM BURNHAM – Paper & Presentation
    • W2B In the Rear View Mirror MICHAEL HEATHWOOD – Paper & Presentation
    • Impact of GGBFS Cement on the Interfacial Transit Zone (ITZ) and influence on Flexural Strength of CRCP Concrete JASON CHANDLER – Paper & Presentation
    • Local Government Path Paving by the Slip Form Method MARC BOERE – Paper & Presentation
    • Anthology of Best Practice for Design of Intermodal Heavy Duty Rigid Pavements SCOTT MINARDS – Paper & Presentation
    • 2021, A Subbase Odyssey TIM BUCKINGHAM-JONES – Paper & Presentation
    • Specifying Concrete Pavements for Local Government NANDINI MEHTA – Paper & Presentation
    • 32mm Aggregate Trial RAVINDRA PRATHAPA  – Paper & Presentation
    • Investigation of Crack Width Development in CRCP MILAD MOHAREKPOUR AND STEFAN HOLLER – Paper & Presentation
    • CRCP for Rural and Urban Applications LUC RENS – Paper & Presentation

Papers, Presentations and Recordings

Conference Working Group

  • Jamie Egan, Acciona (Chair)
  • Anna-Carin Brink, Arup
  • Greg Sieders, Bluey
  • David Hocking, Boral
  • Marc Boere, JK Williams
  • Basil Ben, TfNSW
  • Hossein Asadi, TfNSW
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