ASCP Forum – Maintenance of Concrete Road Pavements – Specifications & Materials

Recording of Forum (Online) held 11 May 2021

Sydney has a very large network of State and Local Government concrete roads built from the mid 1920s to the 1950s.  There is an increasing need for slab replacements, but with worksite access typically limited to a single night shift.  Using CSA rapid set cement, there are now 12 years of successful operational experience.  John Hodgkinson outlined the materials, equipment and site procedures that are being employed to meet both quality and time constraints.

Following on from a demonstration at the ASCP 2019 Conference, and working closely with ASCP Supporter Corporate Member Bluey, Alexander Bradatsch of NA Group provided a look at the advancements in road maintenance in recent years, including some project case studies.

Tim Buckingham-Jones and Jason Chandler provided some background to the current maintenance specifications for concrete supply and site works in NSW.  An industry workshop was held in 2020 and this discussion will overview outcomes and anticipated specification updates.

President Justin Moss has been fully involved in the development of the Society’s new website.  In advance of its launch, he provided an insight into its range and depth.

Jamie Egan is chairing the Working Group for the ASCP 2021 6th Concrete Pavements E-Conference for which registrations are now open.  He provided a brief update.

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