ASCP Corporate Membership

Benefits of Corporate Membership of ASCP


  • Technical representation of industry to clients
  • Education of staff through training courses, workshops, conferences and forums
  • Networking and sharing of information and experiences with other members
  • Participation in ASCP committees and workgroups
  • Online technical resources
  • Promotional opportunities at ASCP events and on website
  • Recognition at all ASCP events and on ASCP website
  • Member employee entitlements
  • Discounts on training courses and event fees

What ASCP Does

FORUMS, CONFERENCES & WORKSHOPS Typically four forums are held in Sydney, three in Brisbane and three in Melbourne each year. Additionally, we hold a two-day biennial conference, with international presenters on strategic topics – these usually have over 150 delegates and 30 presentations. A workshop on strategic topics follows the conference, with additional special topic workshops throughout the year. Ample networking opportunities are programmed into each event.

TRAINING COURSES Courses for engineers and field staff are conducted, including the TfNSW Concrete Paving Crew Training (Grey Card). Since its commencement in 2006, there have been over 180 courses training some 4,000 paving crew personnel. Also offered are courses in paving practices, jointing, and specifications. Courses are held along the eastern seaboard, subject to demand.

TECHNICAL ADVOCACY Interaction with client authority decision makers and advisors on cost and performance attributes of concrete pavements. Active projects include road pavement construction and maintenance costs, performance, concrete overlays for major road rehabilitation projects, concrete pavements for airfields, intermodals and ports, and road pavement noise.

NEW TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH Identify the need for new technology. Access to international organisations to source new technologies. Supported at biennial conferences through invited international presenters. Identify research topics, encourage and facilitate research, and promote research findings. Actively encourage students to present their papers at ASCP events as part of their professional development.

REPRESENTATION TO CLIENTS Regular liaison with TfNSW and Austroads about technical issues, pavement technology and guide documents. ASCP encourages input from members to identify and propose improvements on technical issues.

TECHNICAL RESOURCES, INDUSTRY WORKGROUPS & NEWS Workgroups are established as required for specific issues such as future road projects, concrete airfield pavements, concrete road pavement maintenance, and joint sealants. ASCP Pavement Notes and papers, ASCP forum presentations and conference presentations are made available to members on the ASCP website, as is a monthly newsletter which includes links to new technical reports, inter/national outcomes, conferences and events, and people and company news.

INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATIONS Established liaisons with international associations, relevant corporate organisations (including consultants, paving equipment manufacturers, client authorities, academic institutions), and international professionals in strategic fields. This includes discussion groups which seamlessly connect members from EUPave, ISCP and ASCP.

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