ASCP Constitution March 2021

Updated following AGM March 2021

Following the AGM 2021, some clauses from the ASCP’s Constitution were modified. Here is an extract.

Mission Statement

The mission of the society is to facilitate the advancement of knowledge and technology related to concrete pavements through education, technology transfer and research in Australia.

The Society will gather and disseminate information for the concrete pavement community. The Society’s efforts will promote technological advancements and competence of its members leading to improved concrete pavement design, construction and performance. 

The main objectives and activities of the Association shall be:

3.1 Provide regular forums for practitioners to share learning’s and experiences.
3.2 Assist in development and implementation of the required training packages being provided to the industry.
3.3 Provide regular and timely communication with members, such as a newsletter and website.
3.4 Provide a mechanism to review road authority specifications and test methods, and give consensus views from contractors and suppliers.

In this Constitution the territory for the Association is Australia and the National Executive refers to the executive committee of the Australian Society for Concrete Pavements Inc.

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