ASCP 2nd Concrete Pavements Conference 2013

Index of papers and Sponsors

ASCP Presentation 001 Conference Overture John Hodgkinson
ASCP Paper 01
ASCP Presentation 01
Construction of the New Silk Road (Western China to Western Europe Transport Corridor) David Dash
ASCP Paper 02 Key Components in Long Term Sustainability of Concrete Pavement Systems Dan Zollinger
ASCP Presentation 02 Sustainability Considerations for PCC Pavement Design and Construction Dan Zollinger
ASCP Paper 03
ASCP Presentation 03
US Precast Concrete Pavement Technology & Directions Shiraz Tayabji
ASCP Paper 04
ASCP Presentation 04
Jointed Concrete Precast Pavements – A Rapid Renewal Solution Neeraj Buch
ASCP Paper 05
ASCP Presentation 05
Development of Low Noise Diamond Grinding in NSW George Vorobieff and Peter Carson
ASCP Paper 06
ASCP Presentation 06
Aggregate Interlock Efficiency at Concrete Pavement Joints Anna-­Carin Brink
ASCP Paper 07
ASCP Presentation 07
Implications of Using Manufactured Fine Aggregates in Concrete Pavements David Fowler
ASCP Paper 08
ASCP Presentation 08
Use of Manufactured Sand in Concrete Pavement Vute Sirivivatnanon


ASCP Paper 09 Full Width Paving – Plain Concrete Pavement Jamie Egan
ASCP Paper 10 Holbrook Bypass Investigation Jamie Egan
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