Application of One Day Concrete for Pavements

Paper by KAWANO MORIHAMA KOBAYASHI MORITA from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

In order to shorten the construction periods of concrete structures, PWRI and four cement manufacturers carried out a joint research to develop 5 new types of one-day concrete with the following requirements: The compressive strength of the concrete shall be 30 N/mm 2 or more one day after mixing as the pavement may be opened to trattuc shortly. The concrete is deliverable to the site from a central batching plant, without any special requirements for the mix, the devices or the curing. The concrete is workable for more than 1 hour. The binder to be used shall be based on ordinary Portland cement or its equivalent. This paper reports on the properties of the materials of one-day concretes and outlines the results of test constructions of road pavements with oru-ddy euiicit2ti.

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