Application of High Performance Concretes in Highway and Traflic Infrastructure Construction

Paper by PEUKERT GARBACIK MRÓZ from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

High performance concrete - HPC - is characterised by high strength and considerable durability under high service load. In highway construction these concrete is used to constructing and very rapid repairs of pavements, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. Differentiation in types of such objects as well as erection conditions and than using them, all of it requires in many cases a particular selection of concrete mixes in respect of hardening rate and resistance to environment effect including corrosion and climate. In this paper principles of production and application super high early strength concrete for maintenance and strengthening mentioned above road constructions are presented. Modification of concrete composite and specially problems of selection cements for very rapid hardening concrete are discussed.

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