Active Crack Control in CRC Pavement – Trials undertaken on the Kempsey Bypass Project

Paper and Presentation by Neil Webb, Mark Hoskins & Justin Moss from ASCP 3rd Concrete Pavements 2015

This paper summarises the results of a preliminary trial to validate a localised application of controlled induced cracking (active crack control, ACC) in continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP) with local construction practices and conditions. ACC is currently being investigated in Europe.

The work sought to gauge the merit of developing ACC for the construction of CRCP as a means to limit the occurrence of non-typical cracking. The trial was undertaken on a major construction project – in order to operate within construction priorities, a reduced scope was implemented. The trial did however delineate certain benefits arising from variations in the configuration of ACC.

This initial review work showed that 400 mm long x 30 mm deep sawn induction sawcuts at 2000 mm centres was highly successful, and less than 5% of the cost, when compared to similar depth full-width sawn induction.

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