A Practical Method of Concrete Pavement Design for Ports

Paper by KRAEMER DEL VAL CAMARERO LLORCA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Puertos del Estado, the co-ordinating institution of the main Spanish Port Authorities, has published in 1994 the Guidelines for the Design and construction of Port Pavements ROM 4.1-94, where a practical method of structural pavement design for ports areas has been developed, offering a novel and useful contribution. The different solutions are presented as a catalog of standardised pavement structures. Most of them are cement concrete solutions: unreinforced vibrated concrete, roller-compacted concrete, continuously reinforced concrete and concrete block paving. The applied methodology is summarised taking into account the structural design actors (surface use, design load, use rate, fill characteristics) and the peculiarities of each pavement type.

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