A Geotechnical Methodology for Roller Compacted Concrete Mixture Design

Paper by SANTANA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

This paper presents a concise mix design process using a geotechnical approach to produce RCC mixtures for mass and structural applications. Laboratory compaction tests, using a Kango hammer, were performed on specimens with a predetermined combination of aggregates and cernentious materials, varying the amount of water. 1 he test results gave an optimum moisture content, for a maximum dry unit weight, which made possible to determine the optimum proportioning of all other components. Some soils compaction procedures and evaluations were modified to take into account the concrete material.'Ihe testing program included the performance of compressive strength and defonriability tests on 12 different mixtures, begining with the same aggregates but with different cement contents, in order to determine the minimum cirnentitious content that satisfies the mechanical requirements. The results of these tests indicate that mix proportioning using the geotechnical methodology provides a viable alternative for RCC mixture design.

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