A Contribution to Concrete Pavement Analysis

Paper by BABIC PRAGER RUKAVINA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The concrete pavement structure consisting of the M40 concrete slab 160 to 240 mm in thickness and the cement-stabilized base course (CSB) 150 to 250 mm in thickness, is analyzed in the paper. The pavement slab is not reinforced and the spacing between expansion joints was selected in such a way that thermal stresses amount to 25% of the tensile strength of the concrete when subjected to bending action. Calculation results for the traffic load ranging between n=l-10' and n=2• 106 with an equivalent axle load of 100 kN, and for the bearing capacity at subgrade level ranging from CBR = 3% to 30%, are presented graphically in form of diagrams. Based on the defined traffic-load parameters and the bearing capacity of the subgrade, it is possible to read from the diagrams necessary dimensions for both the concrete slab and the CSB course. Alternative solutions are also possible, as shown in a numerical example.

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