A Concrete Cycle Track in the Velodrome of San Vicente Del Raspeig Alicante Spain

Paper by RUEDA JOFRE GIMENEZ DE DIEGO MARTINEZ from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

A concrete cycle track was built in the velodrome of San Vicente del Raspeig, a town close to the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Alicante, in the South East part of Spain. This sport facility was opened in 2013. The cycle track is 7 m wide and 250 m long. The straights are banked 11 degrees, while in the turns banking increases gradually up to 37 degrees. A concrete pavement was chosen for the cycle track since it is placed in the open air and then subjected to weather conditions. The pavement, 20 cm thick, is jointed reinforced. It is placed on a vibrated lean concrete base, 10 cm thick, and a crushed granular subbase. A characteristic compressive strength of 20 MPa at 28 days was specified for concrete. A longitudinal joint was placed in the centeline of the pavement, while transverse joints are spaced 4 m at most. In addition, expansion joints are placed in the ends and the middle of the turns. Reinforcing consists of a steel mesh, placed at mid depth and interrupted at all transverse joints. The pavement was finished by hand polishing, trying to obtain a texture which not damage cyclists in the event of falls but at the same time not compromising safety in wet conditions.

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