A 32-Year-Old CRCP only with a New Porous Asphalt Top Layer still Fit for the Future

Paper by NIJSSEN JURRIAANS KRAMER from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

The A76 is the corridor between the Ruhr area (Germany) and Antwerp (Belgium) in the southern part of the Netherlands. It was built in 1985. Because the asphalt pavement failed as a result of a geological fault in the subsurface, a CRCP with a toplayer of porous asphalt was chosen. During the winter period 2012-2013 the porous asphalt was damaged and the asphalt layer had to be milled off for safety reasons. The traffic drove on the milled concrete surface for several weeks. After the cracks and the surface had been inspected, it was decided to renew the porous asphalt layer. The results of the measurements and the expected remaining lifetime are presented in this paper.

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