32mm Aggregate Trial at Oxley to Kundabung Pacific Highway Upgrade

Paper by PRATHAPA from ASCP 6th 2021 Online

This paper focuses on the analysis of pavement sensor data collected from the 32mm aggregate trial at Oxley to Kundabung Pacific Highway Upgrade project. This trial was intended to establish the concrete mix design parameters, verify the paving ability of the mix and to observe the environmental loading behaviour of the 32mm aggregate trial section. Vibrating wire strain gauges were used to monitor the pavement curling displacements between the lean-mixed concrete subbase (LCS)and the plain concrete pavement (PCP) base. Geokon vibrating wire strain gauge type 4210 s was used across transverse joints (P8) to measure longitudinal displacements and type 4200A-2 were used to measure curling displacements. Analysis includes approximately one and a half year long data from the trial and possible mathematical models to interpret the rigid pavement curling behaviour. Results have indicated that the 32mm aggregate trial was a success and the trial pavement behaved as expected.

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