150 Km Of Concrete Pavement On Three Major Roads (Dec 1985)

CCA Road Note 23 by Cement and Concrete Association

SinceJ982, activities under the Australian Bicentennial Road Development Program (ABRD), in conjunction with works under other Commonwealth and Stale funding arrangements have become highly visible in up- grading the Australian road system to a high standard. In New South Wales and elsewhere concrete roads in varying configurations up to six-lane, dual-carriageway formations are included in these activities. In New South Wales alone, in addition to fixed-form Construction, over 50 slipformed concrete pavements have been commenced during this period. Three of the more heavily trafficked roads on which concrete pavements are being constructed in New South Wales are the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway, the Hume Highway and the Federal Highway connecting the Hume Highway to the Australian Capital Territory Figure 1. On these three roads, 21 concrete pavement contracts have been completed, are under construction or are at tender. The total length of these works, which with minor exceptions are dual-carriageway formations, exceeds 150 km. This issue of Road Note sets out in summary form, the location, pavement details and construction procedures for these projects.

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