100000 Sqm Of Pavement Recycling By Cement Stabilisation Brisbane (Jun 1982)

CCA Road Note 17 by Cement and Concrete Association

The Brisbane City Council operates a Pavement Management System for the identification of the pave- ment needs of the City’s 4400 km of roads. Roads with failed areas exceeding 20 per cent and in need of rehabilitation are identified by this system. One of the rehabilitation methods adopted for roads with 25 per cent or more failed areas, but which retain a sufficient quantity of material albeit of reduced or inferior quality, is cement stabilisation of the top course material. Insitu stabilisation has the advantage of not requiring excavation or removal of existing material. During the work, access to properties and businesses can be maintained albeit with some minor, temporary dis- comfort. There is no disturbance to existing surface levels and generally no interference to underground utilities. All of the existing pavement materials including the bituminous surfacing are re-used. No waste is created, and, at worst, only small quantities of imported material need to be brought on to the site.

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