ASCP Pavement Note 001 published

The ASCP National Executive has spent the last six months developing the first of its industry briefing notes – Pavement Note 001 “Concrete Pavement Value: Economic, Operational and Community Benefits”. The Note presents a concise summary of the eight key benefits of concrete pavements when compared with asphalt pavements. It concludes that…

“Concrete pavements are significantly lower in construction cost, maintenance cost and, consequently,whole of life cost. Additionally, they are smooth, skid resistant, more rapidly constructed, less labour-intensive, less equipment-intensive, more durable, and more available in-service. As such, concrete pavements surpass asphalt pavements in all aspects.”

The document is supported by high quality references and graphics. The intended audience is decision makers, funders, engineers and highway technical staff.  Please pass this on to colleagues that would benefit from such a concise summary. of issues.

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