NATSPEC: Specifying for Green Star Buildings

12 July 2022
NATSPEC Media Release
Specifying for Green Star Buildings Using NATSPEC

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has published the new resource Specifying for Green Star Buildings Using NATSPEC.
Specifying for Green Star Buildings Using NATSPEC compiles NATSPEC’s references to Green Star Buildings criteria. This facilitates the stipulation of ecological sustainability in specifications. The GBCA maintains the Green Star Buildings sustainability rating system.

The publication lists each Green Star Buildings credit with a NATSPEC worksection classification number, clause number and title where these credits are covered in the National Building Specification. Recommended evidence as required by Green Star Buildings is also included.

NATSPEC and the GBCA have been working together for over 12 months. NATSPEC’s 2022 April Update to the National Building Specification included new guidance clauses noting where the specification targets the requirements that may be needed to achieve Green Star Buildings Minimum Expectations credits.
A certified Green Star Building must first satisfy 15 Minimum Expectations credits to ensure it meets the basic definition of a green building. The project then requires additional credits, measured by points. The number of points achieved determines whether it is awarded a 4-, 5- or 6-Star rating.
Specifying for Green Star Buildings Using NATSPEC is available from the GBCA’s website at

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