NATSPEC: New Stabilisation Worksections from AUS-SPEC and AustStab

NATSPEC Media Release

New stabilisation worksections from AUS-SPEC and AustStab

NATSPEC has produced four new AUS-SPEC worksections in collaboration with AustStab, the Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Association. The pavement stabilisation worksections will lead to practical and economic benefits for local governments.

1161 In situ pavement stabilisation using cementitious binders, 1162 In situ pavement stabilisation using bituminous binders, 1163 Ex situ pavement stabilisation and 1164 In situ pavement stabilisation of unsealed roads were released with the October update. Each worksection elaborates on material previously found in 1113 Subgrade and formation stabilisation.

NATSPEC and AustStab have been working together collaboratively for several years. They signed a formal partnership agreement in June 2022 to jointly develop these documents. With the new worksections, both organisations aim to promote national uniformity and good practice in local government specifications for different stabilisation methods.

The worksections reflect the latest innovations in stabilisation of local government pavements. They align with state road authorities’ regulations as well as with Austroads guidelines, where relevant.

AustStab promotes the benefits of pavement stabilisation and recycling and sets national standards of performance. AUS-SPEC, which is a joint venture between NATSPEC and IPWEA, promotes consistency in documentation to increase efficiency and productivity. It is an essential technical resource for managing local government infrastructure assets.

The new pavement stabilisation worksections help both organisations to achieve their goals while benefiting the wider local government community.

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