Professor Moon Won: 2023 ASCP Conference International Speaker


Moon Won, a renowned professor at Texas Tech University, will be a special keynote speaker at the upcoming Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP) Conference. His vast experience in civil engineering, specifically focused on designing, evaluating, and rehabilitating concrete pavements, makes him an ideal candidate to be at the conference.

Professor Won is known for his research and publications in the field of concrete pavement engineering. He has over 25 years of experience as a civil engineering professor and in his field of research and has been recognised with numerous awards and honours. Recently, he was awarded the prestigious Richard J. Goss Transportation Civil Engineering Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers for his outstanding contributions in transportation research.

At the ASCP Conference, Professor Won will share his knowledge through two keynote speeches focused on CRCP Slab Thickness, not as critical as you think and the Importance of materials and construction quality for CRCP performance.

In addition to his keynote speech, Professor Won will also participate in a panel discussion, where he will join other experts to discuss the latest techniques and experiences in concrete pavement engineering. This will provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own experiences in the field.

Professor Won’s presence at the ASCP Conference will be a great benefit to all attendees, as his expertise and knowledge in the field of concrete pavement engineering will provide valuable insights and information. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Professor Won speak and learn from his extensive experience.

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