Holcim’s Strategic Move to Advance Green Growth

ASCP member, Holcim, acquires Nicem as a strategic move to advance the development of green construction material solutions.

Nicem is a grounded calcium carbonate leader in Northern Italy with a broad customer base spanning multiple industries from construction to plastic, rubber and paints.

Calcium carbonate is a highly versatile, low-carbon raw material that is useful for a broad range of applications. Holcim’s sustainable building solutions ranging from ECOPact to ECOPlanet product lines embrace alternate materials that include industrial by-products such as silica fume. As a result of the acquisition, calcium carbonate may become a possible alternative for these product lines in the future.

By replacing the standard cement with these alternative materials, ECOPact can reduce the carbon intensity of concrete by 30-60 per cent, allowing designers and contractors to achieve a substantial reduction in emissions for various projects.

Region head for Europe at Holcim, Miljan Gutovic, emphasises how the acquisition will propel Holcim’s drive for low-carbon concrete explaining, “Nicem complements our existing operations perfectly and allows us to further leverage our expertise in green formulation, opening a new source of alternative materials to decarbonise our ready-mix concrete,” he said.

He continued, “I look forward to welcoming the employees of Nicem to the Holcim family, whose valuable expertise will help us accelerate green growth“.

To learn more about our member Holcim, you can visit their official website.



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