Holcim Presents: Grace by Mosaic

ASCP member Holcim is shaping a greener world, one remarkable project at a time. Purposefully driven by supplying sustainable materials, Holcim worked with Mosaic Property Group to deliver Grace by Mosaic – a highly luxurious multi-residential development influenced by the circular economy.

Located in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, the state-of-the-art property boasts an exquisite lap pool, a sun deck, and an outdoor dining space; however, the tangible exterior doesn’t compare to the sustainability profile that far exceeds environmental hygiene.

The development placed high importance on reducing future waste and designing with longevity in mind; with emphasis on energy and water consumption, waste management, and micro-climatic conditions.

Consequently, the choice of concrete was salient to their participation in the circular economy and maintained the property’s firm environmental focus. Holcim’s flagship product – ECOPact Zero concrete was utilised, reducing embodied carbon by 30-60%. Additionally, the embodied carbon can be offset, providing a carbon-neutral concrete product certified by Climate Active. ECOPact Zero concrete caters to environmentally friendly infrastructure owing to the reduction in Portland cement.

Grace by Mosaic

Grace by Mosaic’s Site Manager, Michael Shale, emphasised Holcim’s systematic approach to delivering on the sustainability promise whilst ensuring time frames were upheld, “generally, when Portland cement quantity is reduced, it takes longer for the concrete to reach strength…as a result, this increases construction time frames. However, Holcim were able to increase fly ash and slag cement quantities in the concrete to enable concrete strength targets to be shortened, which then allowed construction timeframes to be reduced,” he said.

Fly ash and slag are both considered industrial by-products (from burning coal and burning off from an iron furnace respectively). By utilising this in construction it reduces the strain on landfill – a prime example of the circular economy in action.

Grace by Mosaic is the first multi-residential project to feature Holcim’s concrete product and owing to the success of this development, it is predicted it will not be the last.

Grace by Mosaic

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