Federal Budget Boosts Northern Territory Road Infrastructure with $193 Million Investment

Following the release of the Australian Federal Budget, there has been a significant increase in funding for the Northern Territory’s Road network. Approximately $193 million has been allocated for the expansion and upkeep of NT roads.

Out of this allocation, $64 million will be dedicated to duplicating Berrimah Rd from the Stuart Highway to Tiger Brennan Drive, with an additional $20 million allocated for the duplication of Roystonea Ave between Terry Drive and Lambrick Ave.

Furthermore, $40 million will be invested in pavement strengthening, widening, resealing, and surface correction along the Stuart Highway.

A sum of $2 million has been earmarked for the development of a business case aimed at enhancing community connectivity and access to services via improvements to the Weddell Freeway.

Additionally, another $2 million will be utilised to develop a business case focused on enhancing access to Darwin Port through upgrades to the Stuart Highway, Vanderlin Drive, and McMillans Rd.

The prominent features of the Federal Budget included energy bills relief, medicine costs, and tax cuts. However, significant funding totalling $4.6 billion will be allocated to new road projects across Australia, and $10.1 billion on projects already underway.

The Federal Budget brought the total five-year investment in Roads to Recovery funding for Darwin and Palmerston to $69m.

Luke Gosling, the Member of Parliament for Solomon, highlighted that this funding demonstrates the recognition by the Albanese government of the crucial role road networks play in the economy of the Territory.

“The Northern Territory’s Road infrastructure network supports the lifeblood of our communities, particularly across rural and remote areas, and is critical to our regions socio-economic sustainability,” Mr Gosling said.

“Our roads play a vital role in our nation’s complex freight supply chain systems, with our Australian Defence Forces also relying on critical civil infrastructure capabilities to service military bases and support national security and strategic posture in northern Australia.

“From Tiger Brennan Drive and down the Stuart Highway, the Albanese Labor government is ensuring our region has the funding it needs and deserves to improve roads infrastructure, the importance of which cannot be understated, especially for enhancing and saving the lives of Territorians.”

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