ASCP Forum (Online) – Specification Updates, Are You Trusted?, New Exec Director, Open Mic


Concrete is used throughout the World every day in countless diverse applications but it is critically important in terms of performance and durability to understand why the mix design and placement need to be appropriately tailored to suit each application. The inimitable Geoff Ayton will explore what it takes to be trusted with a concrete pavement.

TfNSW CRCP Specification Updates will be presented in detail by Basil Ben of TfNSW. Basil will provide details of the specification updates which included significant collaboration with ASCP.

Whilst well known to ASCP members, ASCP President Justin Moss will introduce the new ASCP Executive Director, Craig Heidrich.

An open mic online collaboration session will take place exploring the following:

  • What are we doing well as an industry? Where could we improve our investment, quality, training?
  • What could ASCP do better for individual members, contractors, government, designers and suppliers?
  • What is your perception of the way this industry operates? (For members under 30!)
  • What tangible value do Surveillance Officers and Independent Certifiers bring to the delivery of major projects today?

Advanced responses can be submitted here.

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