EdenCrete’s Nanotube Concrete Drives the Industry Forward

It is well documented that carbon fibers improve concrete pavement’s flexural strength and resistance to cracking, however a new approach using carbon nanotubes CNTs is driving the North American concrete pavement industry forward. 

Edencrete is a carbon nanotube-enriched liquid additive that elevates concrete structures to new levels of strength and toughness. It boosts surface abrasion resistance and drastically reduces permeability while improving strength properties.

After Eden Innovations developed its proprietary method of producing carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the next goal was to identify where this technology adds the most value. 

A test using CNTs was conducted by the Georgia Department of Transportation, in a pavement maintenance project. Two 35-foot-long test sections were placed on I-20 near the border between South Carolina and Georgia. The “control” was poured with the standard 24-hour accelerated concrete mix formula used by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

As a result, the abrasion resistance and compressive strength of the concrete was significantly improved. The product was adopted for full-depth slab replacements using 24-hour accelerated concrete.

Edencrete offers an array of key improvements, these include: 

  • Improved compressive strength – allowing for a reduction in total cementitious while still meeting design specifications.
  • High flexural strength – helping to prevent cracking in suspended bridge girders and decks, elevated slabs, and thin-overlay applications.
  • Improved abrasion resistance – helping to prevent the surface of the concrete from wearing away and being damaged from impact.
  • Improved deicer scaling – extending the durability and service life of concrete exposed to deicer chemicals.
  • Higher split-tensile strength – minimising cracking in reinforced concrete applications.
  • Reduced life-cycle costs – improved durability and performance will extend the time until repair or replacement is necessary.
  • Improved modulus of elasticity – helping structures meet the performance required for application.
  • Reduced permeability – helping to prevent the ingress of moisture, alkali-silica reaction, sulfate-attack, corrosion of reinforcement, and freeze/thaw.
  • Reduced shrinkage cracking – reduced shrinkage and resistance to cracking improves durability and extends service-life. 

Current utilisation of CNTs are showing excellent results with projects undertaken in Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, North and South Carolina, Texas, Utah, port authority terminals, and several airports.

Robert Cavaliero, MCE, Vice President of EdenCrete Admixtures at Eden Innovations emphasises the positive outcomes in using CNTs, saying, “The use of this admixture fits well with sustainability and resiliency goals as we all work to reduce cement content without sacrificing durability and long service life for concrete pavements,” he said

Visit the DOT status map to see which US state have added EdenCrete to their list of qualified/approved products.

To learn more, visit the American Concrete Pavement Association.  

Visit EdenCrete’s official website. 

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