Tribute Hon. Member David Dash April 2021


          Words delivered by Peter Tamsett I expect most of you are aware that David Dash passed away on Saturday 7 August 2021 and I was asked by Jamie Egan to prepare this short video tribute. To put it briefly, David’s achievements have been enormous but...

ASCP Forum – Concrete Pavements: Design, Construct, Maintain, Recycle & Whole of Life Costing – 20 Oct 2022

Members Only

Concrete Pavements: Design; Construct; Maintain; Recycle, & Whole of Life Costing – we hope that our attendees enjoyed this opportunity to engage and understand various SRA’s evolving policy around Sustainable Procurement in Infrastructure for Transport. Good design, construction techniques and material selection are not the only considerations for good concrete...

RTA Training Video Training Video available from RTA

Highways Members Only

The DVD contains three discrete videos, each of about 12 mins, and which cover: - Paving & finishing - Making & delivering concrete - Compaction The DVD can be purchased for $20 via the RTA contacts listed on the attached graphics.

Video – Get Cracking – machine to improve sawcut joints

Industrial Members Only

Video of innovative machine to implement joints in concrete pavements via mechanical cracking (rather than sawcutting).

Movie – Concrete Joint Cracking Machine Concrete roads and industrial pavements

Highways Members Only

This forum addressed both concrete road pavements & concrete industrial pavements. Presentations made addressed concrete mix designs, design & construction aspects, as well as current information about diamond grinding of concrete road pavements in Australia. The video demonstrates the use of an innovative machine to effect concrete pavement jointing.