CCAA Announces A New Concrete Brand To The Australian Market “Concrete. Futureproof your build”

Australia’s most popular construction material has a new brand identity.

Concrete. Futureproof your build™ is the centrepiece of a new brand direction developed by CCAA and its foundation member companies, to reinforce the reasons why concrete is the construction material of choice in the Australian market. The new Branding approach focuses on the specifier, architect and consumer having the  confidence that by using concrete they are Futureproofing their build and Futureproofing Australia. It is supported by a suite of resources, including a fresh new Brand Logo, dedicated website, video, brochures, social media platforms and case studies. CCAA CEO Ken Slattery says Concrete. Futureproof your build™ is a powerful, succinct summation of what concrete delivers for customers and users – be they homeowners, residential builders or major construction companies and their private and public sector clients.

“Whether it’s the family home, a high-rise development, hospitals, schools, roads, dams or bridges, there’s a reason why concrete continues to be used so widely,” Mr Slattery says. “New building products and processes may come and go. But with concrete, there’s no question marks. If it’s built from concrete, it’s Futureproof and built to last.” The new brand is supported by three message themes – Concrete. Design and Build with Confidence, Concrete. Sustainable for Life and Concrete. Solid, Safe and Lasting – that together cover the breadth of benefits that flow from specifying and using concrete.

“Sustainability, for example, is a story that tends to be overlooked. Concrete is 100 per cent recyclable, is manufactured using recycled & recyclable materials, and is a very Whole-OfLife Sustainable choice. It also has fantastic thermal qualities that can help reduce the operating costs of homes and buildings.” Mr Slattery says.

Adds CCAA Marketing Director Diane Niu: “Concrete. Futureproof your build™ reflects Concrete’s leadership in helping you to Futureproof your build and importantly Futureproof Australia.”

Media Release | Website | Concrete Roads Case Studies

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