AUS-SPEC Collaborates with Industry for 2022 Update

AUS-SPEC always works to respond to the needs of local governments around the country. For this reason, AUS-SPEC maintains multiple long-term collaborations with industry organisations. This ensures that the national specification system for local government infrastructure assets meets the current standards of best practice and helps Councils provide effective services to their community.

The latest update to AUS-SPEC specifications features input from three key collaborators: the Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Association (AustStab), the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and the Australian Flexible Pavement Association (AfPA).

AUS-SPEC’s work with AustStab was made official in June 2022 with the signing of a partnership agreement regarding pavement stabilisation worksections. The October 2022 update included four new pavement stabilisation worksections that will lead to practical and economic benefits for Councils.

The four new worksections are: 1161 In situ pavement stabilisation using cementitious binders, 1162 In situ pavement stabilisation using bituminous binders, 1163 Ex situ pavement stabilisation, and 1164 In situ pavement stabilisation of unsealed roads. They each elaborate on content in 1113 Subgrade and formation stabilisation (formerly 1113 Stabilisation).

By working closely with AustStab, AUS-SPEC benefits from specific industry knowledge, allowing an accurate and practical separation of the specification information based on the type of stabilisation method. The collaboration with AustStab ensures that the pavement stabilisation worksections reflect the latest innovations and best practices. The worksections align with state road authorities’ regulations and Austroads guidelines where relevant.

AUS-SPEC decided to publish a specific worksection focusing on unsealed roads, 1164 In situ pavement stabilisation of unsealed roads, as part of their goal to support regional and remote Councils. AUS-SPEC has previously undertaken extensive research on unsealed road maintenance, with this information included in the Rural Roads package. For further information on Rural Roads, see the AUS-SPEC website.

Annual updates are a fundamental part of AUS-SPEC’s specification service to incorporate changes to codes, regulations, standards and industry practices. At the beginning of 2022, WSAA, in association with the NSW Water Directorate, released amendments and regional editions of the WSA 02 Gravity sewerage code of Australia and WSA 03 Water supply code of Australia. These documents include specific requirements to suit local water authorities’ regulations and regional conditions. The 2022 edition of WSA 04 Sewage pumping station code of Australia was also released.

In response to the changes to the WSA codes, AUS-SPEC reissued the generic design and construction worksections that cover reticulation and pump stations in water supply and sewerage systems. AUS-SPEC undertook this work with input from WSAA to keep local government up to date with the information they need to safely provide for their communities.

AUS-SPEC and AfPA have been working together for several years to ensure that the AUS-SPEC asphalt specifications reflect current industry knowledge and practices. AfPA endorses the worksections 1143 Sprayed bituminous surfacing and 1144 Asphalt (roadways) and reviews them prior to each October update. The reviews focus in particular on sustainability and the availability of new materials, for which Councils need accurate specifications to ensure road safety and performance. Through their collaboration, AUS-SPEC and AfPA provide Councils with fit-for-purpose specifications to effectively maintain their road network.

AustStab, WSAA and AfPA are specialist industry organisations that generously share their knowledge and experience with AUS-SPEC. AUS-SPEC subscribers have benefited from WSAA and AfPA’s input for several years; the new pavement stabilisation worksections produced with AustStab are a welcome addition to AUS-SPEC’s comprehensive specification system. By working with industry and incorporating regulatory changes every year, AUS-SPEC specifications respond to local government needs, helping them to provide the best possible infrastructure for their communities.

AUS-SPEC is a joint venture by NATSPEC and IPWEA. The brochure Introduction to AUS-SPEC is now available at NATSPEC has maintained AUS-SPEC specifications since 2007. NATSPEC is a not-for-profit organisation owned by Government and industry. It maintains the National Building Specification and has been a valued part of the Australian construction industry for over 45 years.

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