Aurecon & Arcadis Advances Western Sydney International Airport

ASCP members Arcadis and Aurecon are collectively harnessing their strengths in Western Sydney’s International Airport project, which is set to accommodate the future growth and the region’s rising aviation needs.

Western Sydney’s population is predicted to increase by 46% over the next 20 years, signalling the need for Western Sydney International Airport to transform into cutting-edge infrastructure that puts the travellers experience at the forefront, and cements Sydney’s position as a gateway to the world.

To support the transformation, Arcadis and Aurecon are bringing a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge to the Bulk Earthworks contract as part of the CPB Contractors and Acciona Joint Venture.

The contract will involve master-grading the entire project and providing detailed design for the Airside Civil and Pavement works, including the airport runway, and the geometry of the facilities, roads, taxiways, pavement, utilities, and water systems, forming the foundation of the new airport. This is one of Australia’s largest earthworks infrastructure project and the first major package for construction.

Credit: Penrith City Council – Western Sydney International Airport

Subsequently, both Arcadis and Aurecon take an integrated approach to sustainability, prioritising environmental practices above all else. This is reflected in the infrastructure project where Arcadis played a pivotal role in developing pavement materials made using recycled materials, as well as Aurecon who is partnering with Sydney Water to develop the water servicing and integrated water cycle framework.

Additionally, Arcadis is playing an instrumental part in providing digital engineering that will secure fast processing times, reduces risks, and mitigates errors through robust 3D modelling.

Arcadis and Aurecon’s significant contribution to the project will allow the airport to handle up to 10 million passengers annually, with the opportunity for expansion as the airport is predicted to reach a capacity of 82 million passengers a year by the early 2060’s.

The infrastructure project will accelerate the opening of thousands of employment and business opportunities for locals in Western Sydney. In parallel, the development of new and modern infrastructure will be expedited following the project, including motorways, train lines, and roads. Facilitating Western Sydney as a catalyst for economic development, now and into the future.

Credit: Aurecon – Interior view of terminal entrance

The Western Sydney International Airport will be opening in 2026, and will be the first new greenfield international airport in Australia since Melbourne Airport opened in 1970.

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