Widening of Concrete Pavements in NSW

Paper and Presentation by Eduardo Alcázar from ASCP 4th Concrete Pavements Conference 2017

Widening of existing concrete pavements has become part of the normal scope for many road projects in NSW as most of these projects involve realignment and/or rehabilitation of existing concrete pavements. This trend will increase as current pavements reach their design lives and there is a need to upgrade existing infrastructure.

Currently, the pavement design for the widening of concrete pavements is undertaken in accordance with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) guidelines and specifications. There are many issues encountered during the widening design that are not addressed or contradict the RMS documents as they have been developed for the design and construction of new pavements.

This paper describes current practice and the Technical Directions provided by RMS, as well as, common issues encountered during the design and construction of concrete pavement widenings that are not included in the RMS guidelines and specifications. It will also discuss solutions that have been adopted in recent projects and the need to look for more cost effective and innovative approaches to the upgrading and rehabilitation of concrete pavements in an environment facing budgetary constraints. It also provides examples of overseas practices and guidelines for comparison purposes.

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