Use of run-of-station fly ash and other SCMs in concrete pavement construction

Paper and Presentation by Farzad Khamchin Moghaddam, Kirk Vessalas, Vute Sirivivatnanon from ASCP 4th Concrete Pavements Conference 2017

The move toward alternative fuels in Australian power stations and past shortage of fly ash supply have prompted researchers at UTS to examine the possible use of runof-station fly ash (RFA) and other supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) for use in concrete applications. The effects of RFA and ground granulated blast furnace slag (slag) on fresh and hardened concrete properties were examined and compared to fly ash (FA). Only two lots of RFA from one single source were examined and hence the variability and effectiveness of RFA from other sources cannot be generalised. Properties critical to the use of SCMs in lean concrete and pavement concrete are examined and reported.

The effectiveness of RFA in mitigating alkali silica reaction (ASR) is evaluated based on the Australian Standard AS1141.60.1 AMBT [1] and AS1141.60.2 CPT methods with the short-term AMBT results reported in this paper. It was found that RFA can be used to substitute CFA in lean concrete whereas both RFA and slag can be used to substitute CFA in pavement.

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