U.S. Experience with Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Paper and Presentation by Kurt D. Smith and Prashant Ram from ASCP 4th Concrete Pavements Conference 2017

A key to concrete pavement performance is the timely application of effective maintenance and rehabilitation activities. In the U.S., rehabilitation and maintenance practices for concrete pavements have been evolving since the late 1970s, and have grown to include an array of treatments that address a variety of pavement distresses and conditions. This paper summarizes current maintenance and rehabilitation treatments that are commonly used by agencies in the U.S. to manage their pavement network, including, among other activities, slab stabilization and slab jacking, partial-depth repairs, full-depth repairs, dowel bar retrofit, diamond grinding and diamond grooving, joint resealing and crack sealing, and concrete overlays. The purpose of each treatment is reviewed, followed by a brief summary of its application, materials, design, and construction recommendations.

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